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“Bending time and stretching space"

The ever-emerging Southeast Asian electronic music scene is home to a rich, colorful scene that crosses diverse musical landscapes, artists, and audiences. Building on his own Thai and Bangkok identity, and with Indian and Japanese roots, Sunju, himself a fusion of various cultures across the Asian continents, has been one of the leading regional actors, ensuring that cross-pollination and collaboration have become essential facets of this scene, with inspiration and energy regularly transmitting between cities and crews.

These exchanges have shaped him as a human, artist, and producer, ultimately cultivating him into a distinctive artist who easily crosses musical boundaries, time, and space. With over 15 years of DJing, he has showcased his skills: From space-out sets in lust tropical jungles to power psychedelic music in abandoned and dusty warehouses and even submerged caves. From Asia to Europe, with appearances in clubs like Panorama Bar, festivals like Horst, Organik, and Equitation, and gigs in Japan, Sunju Hargun has illustrated how his unique cross-fusion of cultures and musical blends is well received across multiple continents, from club settings to outdoor stages.

Beyond his love for DJing and bringing his musically diverse pallet to the dance floors, his labor-of-love projects, Karma Klique, and Siamese Twins Records, also are finding an ever-growing foundation in the pan-Asian electronic music scene, fostering human and musical connections across the region and beyond connections. In particular, Siamese Twins, the label he jointly runs with friends, is finding an ever-global audience of people who flock to the label for cross-cutting productions, many of his own including east-inspired acid made as Mogambo and wildly meditative ambient music as Khun Fluff, that explore old-world chants and ceremonial percussions.







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