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Chalo is a Bangkok based breakbeat / techno producer and live performer who has an exquisite ear for sound quality and all things audio. Working as a mastering engineer and producer within the music industry for ages has given him some fantastic skills which are applied throughout all of his productions.His productions are a real representation of superbly crafted sound, and intricate techno infused beats.

Chalo’s sound is influenced by wide range of music much of which is techno orientated and bass heavy. The current ingredients he focuses on using are syncopated breakbeats, heavy bass and emotional atmospheric pads - all used throughout his tracks. His debut EP “Lucid” released in late 2021 is a great example of all the mixtures above. When it comes to live performance, Chalo has his own way of shaking the floor with his thunderous pounding beats and luring the crowds into his own melancholic sonic landscapes when needed. All bursting out from his hardware-only setup.


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