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Mogwaa, a Seoul musician, performing live


Mogwaa is a musician live in Seoul, especially Yeongdeungpo. He made his debut in the music scene in Seoul and around the world with <Déjà Vu>, which was released through Clique Records in 2017. It is possible to divide his activities into domestic and overseas releases, but in reality, such a distinction is meaningless.
He has been diligently announcing results by exchanging with major labels of the contemporary electronic music scene, regardless of country or continent, such as Gudu, Public Possession, Bless You, Klasse Wrecks, and More Rice. and album <Open Mind> he released from 8BallTown has won 2021 Korea Music Award (Best Dance & Electronic Album Category).

Started with the Boogie Funk of <Déjà Vu>, Reggae/Dub of <Mi Male Curiosity>, House/Downtempo of <Pilgrim> and <Turquoise>, and Drum and Bass of the compilation <Junglish Massive>, His writing style, which is built around hardware instruments becomes a source of various styles of his music. Considering an interview with Mogwaa, who said, “Touching an instrument gives me the will to make music”, this transformation and transition is very natural. As a hardworking musician who visits the studio every day, the sound he discovered while handling a new instrument is the starting point of his current music.

Digital Dancehall ‘현대입니다 DIGITAL STEPPING UP VERSION', opened the year 2022, mini album <Del Mar> that matches the soft personality of MM Discos, a label that travels between Germany and Spain, and the danceability of ‘Once We Danced’ from Planet Trip's compilation <Ordinary Dreams>, If you look these together, Mogwaa’s musical identity is close to an enigma. But he hasn't really changed. He has lived in Yeongdeungpo all his life, always looking for instruments and writing songs. Along with his broad interest in music, he simply expresses his lifestyle and attitude through music. There are many things that have already been proven, but that's why I'm still curious about his music and stage.



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