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Jirus, one of Bangkok's secret weapons


One of Bangkok's best kept secret weapons.
His personal and musical behind-the-deck energy has proved deeply
infectious, music is full of energy and vitality. Mix of dynamic , dark , deep and bightness
together perfectly stick to a variety of sounds, with a bouncy brain warp mix full
of increible sound. to the real journey

He has performed at many local clubs and bar such as Beam, Glow , Dark Bar,
12x12 ,T.rex , Rabbit Hole , Tropic city , Sivilai sound club , Safe Room ,
Mustache , De Commune And he has played alongside the likes of Roza
Tenenzi , Binh , Priori and Diskonnected (Smock machine)

He is currently the co-founder and music director of Never Normal , Music
space that is currently in the spotlight and Founder Qommon crew





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