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Brent Burns, an effervescent DJ who's lit up dancefloors across continents



Brent Burns is an effervescent DJ who's lit up dancefloors across continents, effortlessly lifting spirits with his seasoned blend of eclectic musical fire. As anyone lucky enough to have witnessed Brent in full-flow will attest to, Burns is a selector who prefers not to be restricted by generic boundaries. While the authentic '90s house sounds of the UK undoubtedly form the backbone of his sonic repertoire, he skilfully weaves elements of Italo, Balearic, and leftfield grooves into his tempo-spanning sets.

Arguably best-known as one of the founder members of roundly adored Bangkok-based collective, Transport, he's moved crowds at some of Asia's most venerated venues and festivals. He's made memorable appearances at prestigious Thai festival, Wonderfruit, and Vietnam's internationally recognised Quest Festival and Savage nightclub, and is a regular performer at boutique festivals Fly To The Moon and B2TG.

His turntable adventures started at a tender age, learning the ropes as a fresh-faced 15-year-old before going on to organise monthly events at venues in legendary UK party city, Manchester. Before relocating to his current Asian base, he performed at some of North West UK's most celebrated parties, including Warehouse Project, MuMu, Monocult, Hard Times, and Tangled. In his home city of Bangkok, you'll find him setting the mood in the city's most beloved bars and venues, frequently manning the decks at the likes of 12x12, Studio Lam, Goja, Tropic City, Bangkok Island, and Never Normal.


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